Similac Baby Formula Recall 2010

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Are you a Parent? You should be concerned that voluntary recall is taking place because the company believe that the formula may contain insects. It is important to note that the recall does not affect the liquid formula available.

Many of you wanted further information as to product details and lot numbers and we now have that information for you. The products involved were 8-ounce, 12.4-ounce, and 12.9-ounce cans of Similac powder, sold not only in the U.S. but also in Guam, Puerto Rico and other Caribbean countries. The Food and Drug Administration say that if any of contaminated products were ingested it could cause discomfort and irritation of the gastrointestinal tract and lead to a lack of appetite according to Dylan over on Spreadit.

If you visit the Similac recall website you can type in a lot number and it will tell you if yours is one of the affected cans. Alternatively call 800-986-8850 for information. Please be aware though that you may need to be patient if trying to use the Similac website. When we tried we couldn’t access the site as it’s probably overwhelmed right now. However you can also find a complete list of lot numbers at

Have you any affected cans of this Similac baby formula? Has your infant become ill after ingesting Similac formula? We’d be interested to hear from you about this so please do let us have your comments.

Danica Patrick

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Danica Patrick is an American Auto Racing driver and competing in the IndyCar Series also NASCAR Nationwide Series. She's also a model and advertising spokeswoman.

As she exited her car after her first Indianapolis 500 pole day qualifying attempt on Saturday,Danica Patrick was frustrated.

Very frustrated.

So frustrated that she threw her crew under the bus. "This is the worst car I've ever had," she said, according to USA Today's Nate Ryan on Twitter. "There's no stability or grip. It's just scary, really scary ... It's awful, really awful. I think I'm still shaking." And when her commentswere played over the track PA, she was booed.

“I wasn’t flat out the last two laps and I was scared to death flat on the first two. I’ve never been bad here before. I’ve never been outside the top 10 on a finish or qualifying, so, it’s not my fault. The car is not good.”

Danica Patrick being booed? What the heck?

Maybe Danica's candor -- or whining, as some may prefer -- is rubbing fans the wrong way. Danica has always been confident, and unafraid to tell it like she sees it. That makes her likeable to some, and unlikable to others.

However, there's a line that needs to be balanced when a car isn't up to a driver's expectations, and Danica's comments crossed that line. It's OK for her to be unhappy with the car, and it's ok for her to be disappointed with her qualifying run. Those are normal. But you don't say "it's not my fault."


A driver should never draw the line between himself or herself and the crew. It's referred to as a team for a reason. "My crew screwed up on pit road" or any variation that implies a separation of driver and crew is always more demeaning than "We screwed up on pit road" or the like.

The sooner Danica learns that, the better, no matter how unhappy she is.

French Open 2010

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French Open 2010The hype of the 2010 French Open is as we expect the best tennis matches in the next couple of weeks. Once again, the eyes of the world are on the players of the two best men in the world, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. However, let’s see how these two players will be gone through rounds and eventually the men’s final at the French Open. Federer is the reigning champion of the Open, while millions still consider Rafael Nadal the best clay player of all time and even now. There are many games today at the French Open May 23, 2010. We will see Laurent Roucderc vs Robin Soderling, Janco Tipsarevic vs Alejandro Falla. There ale Maric Tournament Cilic vs Ricardo Mello, Venus Williams vs. Patty Schnyder. We have the best in the first round of the 2010 French Open.

For those looking for television coverage of the 2010 French Open, you can check it on ESPN or your local channel. However, you can have French Open live online at Justin TV, and Sopcast Ilemi yet. There are many games that will make your day as the 2010 French Open Live is available for all of us. Let’s look at the 2010French Open.

These are the matches today:

Sunday (May 23)
Svetlana Kuznetsova 4:00 – Sorana Cirstea (Philippe Chatrier) 4:00 Mathilde Johansson – Chanelle Scheepers (Court 1) Dominika Cibulkova 4:00 – Ekaterina Ivanova (Court 3) Olivier Patience 4:00 – Thiemo De Bakker (Court 2) Marin Cilic 4:00 – Ricardo Mello (Suzanne Lenglen) 6:00 Mikhail Youzhny – Michal Przysiezny (Court 1)
Laurent Recouderc 06:00 – Robin Soderling (Philippe Chatrier) Janko Tipsarevic 6:00 – Alejandro Falla (Court 3) Karolina Sprem 7:00 – Maria Kirilenko (Court 2)
7:00 Gisela Dulko – Victoria Azarenka (Suzanne Lenglen) 9:00 Flavia Pennetta – Anne Keothavong (Court 1); 9:00 Benneteau Julien – Ernests Gulbis (Suzanne Lenglen)
Maria Jose Martinez Sanchez 9:00 – Akgul Amanmuradova (Court 3), 9:00 Robert, Stephane – Tobias Kamke (Court 2) 9:00 Aravane Rezai – Heidi El Tabakh (Philippe Chatrier) Daniel Marks 11:00 – Jo – Wilfried Tsonga (Philippe Chatrier) 11:00 Josselin Ouanna – Lukasz Kubot (Court 1) Somdev Devvarman 11:00 – Marco Chiudinelli (Court 3); 12:00 Patty Schnyder – Venus Williams (Suzanne Lenglen) 12:00 Agnes Szavay – Stephanie Foretz (Court 2)


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CLEVELAND – The questions have gone beyond the suspect elbow to the head of LeBron James, shoulders slumped, his pulse, his spirit and legacy. A defeat of the playoffs this devastating and inexplicable actions of this almost requires a full body scan.

The Cleveland Cavaliers and a legion of fans panic are trying to come to grips with this disturbing and upsetting an uncertain future in the work of James, the city’s biggest sports icon.

On the night of Tuesday, the Cavaliers were humiliated by the Boston Celtics, 120-88, and pushed to the brink of elimination from the playoffs. James was strangely passive and ultimately ineffective. Took 14 shots, missed 11, and into and out of the infringement. Sometimes it seemed oddly separate from the game and his teammates.

It was not what was expected of a most valuable player twice and star par excellence of the league – not with the Cavs’ title hopes at stake and James’s future hanging in the balance.

Terry Pluto, a columnist for The Plain Dealer of Cleveland, called James “passive” and “emotionally distant.” In a poll on the newspaper’s Web site, 53 percent of the fans of James blamed for the loss. (The coach Mike Brown was a distant second, with 23 percent of the vote.) The gap between James and his adoring public has never been greater.

The Celtics have a 3-2 lead in this series of second round and could close on Thursday night in Boston. The fans are already thinking about the potential apocalypse: Cavs lose, James leaves, franchise dies.

“It’s a panic,” James said Wednesday after a film session and team practice.

It casts a fresh confidence – indeed, an emotional distance – on all topics, from the state of his injured right elbow to the consequences of defeat in a series. He said it was “who I am”, which was not necessary to show too much.

“I mean, I do not know if I’m angry or not,” said James. “I’m not going to show that I’m angry. For me, if I show a sense of panic, as you say, you guys follow my lead.”

For now, critics say that James is not doing much at all major. In the last two games, two defeats, has averaged 18.5 points and 5 turnovers while shooting 31 percent from the field. His last performance was dominant in Game 3, when he led the Cavaliers to their last victory with 38 points, eight rebounds and seven assists.

James has repeatedly dismissed concerns about his elbow, although it is his only physical ailment known. On Wednesday, said it was “a matter that will deal in the offseason – the first time he has been framed in such terms.

However, James did not show any discomfort for a shooting contest with their peers, launching three-pointers with ease. When lost, James profanely be punished himself. With reporters standing within earshot, he also made light of his injury.

‘I have a disabled sticker, “he said to his teammates,” so all you have to give me special privileges. ”

More than any other team competing in the league title, the Cavaliers are deeply dependent on their star of the franchise. James is the best scorer and rebounder player. Nobody can consistently create his own shot or the potential for others. So when it falls James, the Cavaliers are impotent.

In Game 5, the Celtics are filled with paint and active in the defense by cutting James customary units. But hardly challenged. Although known for his basketball I.Q. vision and tennis, James made several puzzling decisions – overdribbling, a series of final steps of stagnation and overall crime.

Brown called the performance “abnormal” and “characteristic of what he has done his entire career,” but James is not the fault of any lack of aggression.

James ignored her struggles.

“I am never disappointed with my game,” he said. “I feel like I can do more, but I’m not disappointed at all.”

If James does not do more, and soon, the Cavaliers‘ season is over. It is no exaggeration to say that Game 6 is the biggest game of the playoffs in its history. A victory brings the series back to Quicken Loans Arena for Game 7. A loss could mean oblivion. James is expected to be a free agent July 1 and has been vague about his intentions. Any further disappointment could push toward the door.

The Cavaliers were swept in their only final appearance in 2007, and has been a postseason bust in the last two years, losing in the conference semifinals in 2008 and in the conference finals in 2009.

The signs for Game 6 are not encouraging. Cleveland is 2-4 in elimination games in the era of James – 0-3 on the road – and has never won a series after facing elimination.

The office has tried desperately to get better teammates James, the acquisition of Shaquille O’Neal last summer and Antawn Jamison in February. Cleveland’s payroll is one of the highest in the league.

Team owner Dan Gilbert, who normally carefully chooses his words, made public their frustration Tuesday night.

“The last two playoff losses at home, and how we have lost these games, not about to be anywhere near the high expectations we all have of our organization,” Gilbert told The Plain Dealer. “Our fans deserve better and supporters.

Already there is intense scrutiny of Brown, whose settings in the game and the rotation has been frequently questioned. If the Cavaliers lose, will have to add heat to Danny Ferry, the general manager, not to surround James with better players.

For now, all eyes are on a transcendent player, his sore elbow and his dubious legacy.

“It’s no time to think in the past,” said James, “it is time to look ahead.”

That is exactly what the fans are concerned about the Cavaliers.

Transformers 3

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A Transformers 3 movie is now officially planned: Paramount Pictures and DreamWorks Pictures are aiming to release The movie Transformers 3 on July 1, 2011.

The studios didn't say much more, but we all know that Shia Labeouf and Michael Bay will be back.

Want to get really excited about Transformers 3? Just think about the technological advances in CGI and other special effects that this movie will benefit from!

Let's knock on wood for Transformers 3 to be released in due time!

Kevin Costner Oil Spill

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Kevin Costner
has something much better. He says that he was inspired by the Exxon-Valdez oil spill to invent something that could actually clean the ocean. His invention, called Ocean Therapy was approved by the Army Corp of Engineers, and BP has agreed to use six of the inventions to try to clean the oil spill. I’d imagine they are jumping at the chance.

Costner has been paying millions since 1989 when the Exxon-Valdez oil spill devastated Alaska waters. The device sucks out oily water, separates it, then spits the clean water back into the ocean.

“I’m just really happy that the light of day has come to this,” Costner said. “It’s prepared to go out and solve problems, not talk about them.”

I hope and pray that Kevin Costner’s invention can do the trick. Something’s gotta give,now.

Good luck BP and thank you Kevin Costner!

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The Early Show last week told you about two very useful websites that can help American citizens find their $33 billion in unclaimed money. We got such a huge response to the category that we decided to bring back CBS News Business and Economics Correspondent Rebecca Jarvis, who has uncovered more methods for seeking cash that is owed to you.
For those people who did not see the original segment, the two websites are and They are linked up to the state treasury departments across the country that track unclaimed cash. Examples of unclaimed money can be old bank accounts you forgot about stock dividends, annuities, customer overpayments, insurance refunds, and more.

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