Jlo Falls at AMAs Performance

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Jlo during her performance at Amas on stage. She fell but was able to recover quickly and finish her song.

Jennifer Lopez falls at AMAs during her great performance on stage last night (Sunday). Jlo took a jump during her performance, she landed her butt first instead of feet. But the diva still continue her hot performance inspite what happened to her. She finished her song entitled "Louboutins" . What a great performer.

She's not the only performer fell at Amas stage but as also Adam Lambert..

Twilight SagaNew Moon

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Google Adsense New MoonFinally Twilight Saga New Moon is now showing in Cinemas worldwide. Many people were checking the plot of this movie. All I can say is that the movie was tremendous. The love story between mortal ( Kristen Stewart) and vampire (Robert Pattinson) is level up.

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